Summer workshops – Stage Vocale en Italie 14 = 21 Jul.

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Resonance + vocal exercises

Over the past few weeks I have seen marvellous advances in the vocal prowess of my workshop participants. And it is not only their voices that are improving but also their musicianship. Why? Because once you start working with your “instrument,” whether it be saxophone, piano, or voice, you begin to understand how things fit together, how musical things work with each other. As you work to “fit” your voice – your instrument – into the musical landscape, knowingly or unknowingly, you begin to ask questions – questions about timing, harmony, pitch, etc. This is a wonderful and fulfilling journey. Thank You.

Last week we did some exercise on resonance. Resonance is very important for a singer. VERY! Resonance is that magic tool that adds warmth, color and a beautiful tone to your voice, as we’ll as giving it power. Your vocal chords vibrate to produce sound but it is your resonators that give that sound depth and individuality. Each voice is unique due to a variety of factors, resonance being one of the most important. Resonators are the areas of the throat, mouth and nasal cavities. Think of reflecting sound. Imagine vibrations that reflect, bounce and amplify. Work on your resonance and watch in amazement how your voice improves. As always it is important to support the breath and to keep the mouth cavity relaxed and wide with the soft palate lifted, but not so high that it creates tension. Find a position that is expanded and relaxed.

I am including some exercises to get you started. (They are in french.)

vocal resonance

Happy singing, every day