Summer Workshops

Summer is here. In France, as elsewhere, that means vacation time, time to get away, sometimes far and sometimes just a breath away. Paris seems to empty itself for the 2 months of July and August.  Taking on the aspect of an abandoned amusement park, quietly breathing as those left behind bask in its light and its beauty. No need to share.  For those visiting Paris or for those hanging on for quieter times to get away, although you might find a variety of your favorite show closed for the holidays, there is always something to do. Paris Plage has activities for both kids and adults, families, single and couples. There are workshops, and outdoor activities, music, theatre and games. A little investigation will turn up a wealth of summer fun in a city seemingly emptied of it inhabitants.

If you are looking for vocal action, I will be giving workshops throughout the summer, on weekends, once or twice a month. You will find the information below.

Jazz Singing and Improvisation – Daylong Workshop

Sunday, Jun 21, 2015, 10:00 AM

Ateliers du Chaudron
31 passage de Ménilmontant, 75011 Paris, FR

1 Jazz Singers Attending

Pour célébrer le début de l’été et la fin du trimestre, venez participer à un voyage musical de la voix. Venez découvrir la joie et la magie du “circle song et du travail corporel. On travaillera le rythme, le scat, le chant modal, l’improvisation sur les accords, ainsi que la rôle de la respiration dans la stabilité et la libération rythmique.Cet…

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